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About us

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The core business activity of the company “ŽITOPROMET-MLIN“ is the production of mill products. Our silos have the storage capacity of 45,000 t of cereal and grain. 250 t of wheat are milled and processed daily in our mill in order to produce high-quality flour. The daily production capacity of 3 automatic production lines at the pasta-producing factory amounts to over 30 t of various types of short-cut, long-cut and nest-shaped pasta, and from our modern bakery we deliver to our loyal customers over 3000 t of various types of bread and baking products a year.

Žitopromet Senta

Our long standing quality has made it possible for our flour, pasta and baking products from Senta to become well-known and acclaimed on our home market as well as on the foreign market, thus impelling the company management to constantly improve the quality of our products. For this reason, a few years ago the company management decided to bring forth the implementation and application of the Quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and of the HACCP system in order to assure food safety of all our products. Since 2007, all production units of the ŽITOPROMET Co. have had the ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certificates.

Žitoprometov mlin na Tisi

Our company business and policy are a confirmation of the golden marketing rules: constant product quality, affordable prices, profitability, production expansion and retaining loyal customers.

Our company motto is: “Try our products once – become our regular customer forever”. We have won our customers’ trust by constantly improving quality so they buy our products because they have confidence in us. 

Due to a very successful business policy the ŽITOPROMET-MLIN company is reaching new dimensions each day and is constantly gaining new traits of a true leader.

During 2008 most of our bakery, both the very building where it is situated and the production equipment, was considerably renewed. Along with the renewal investment, in order to improve the quality of the baking products, we modified the recipes for the pastry and baking goods and we added new products.

In April 2009 a new automatic production line for producing long pasta was put into operation. This new state-of –the-art computer automated line was manufactured by the Italian company “PAVAN”, a world leader in manufacturing pasta production equipment.

We plan a partial renewal of the mill equipment as our biggest investment into our company, all in order to modernize and rationalize the technological processes. A Mill adaptation project has been made, an equipment delivery contract has been signed with the renowned Italian company OCRIM and the works are planned to start before the end of 2009 and will last until the beginning of 2010.

In the beginning of 2010 we are due to carry out another project which will improve the conditions of wheat grain intake during the harvest period. Starting from next summer we are planning to enable quality-based sorting of the wheat during intake which is one of the main characteristics of a public warehouse. This quality-based sorting of wheat at the very entrance of the silo cells will help us control and maintain the quality of our finished products all the way “from the field to the dinner table”.

By constant investments into new technologies and by increasing the capacities, we have managed to put “ŽITOPROMET-MLIN“ A.D. from Senta among the leading wheat-mill organizations in the country. Our admirable company governed by a successful business policy constantly expands our own marketplace due to the quality of its products.